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Battery inspection equipment

Weight 80Kg
Dimension 650(W) X 701(D) X 700(H)mm
Monitor Arm 670(W) X 450(D) X 580(H)mm
Stage Range Motorized - X Axis/ Y Axis : 200mm/400mm
- X Axis/ Y Axis : 200mm/283mm
Manual - Z Axis : 30mm
Scanning Area 200mm/283mm
Maximum Speed X/Y Axis : 5000mm/s
Sensor&Probe Module 130(W) x 113(D) X 215(H)mm
Output Formats csv. jpg. txt.
Connection Standard 2 X USB 3.0
Battery inspection equipment

Battery inspection equipment

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Our specialized laminated thin film analysis technology develops the following battery test modules:

Aplication Area

1) Quality monitoring  
Quality monitoring of major battery parts
such as anode material, anode material
during and aluminum pouch.

2) Fine metal membrane damage inspection
Inspecting micro metals and separators
 in the battery process to improve production yield.

3) Real time safety check
Real-time safety inspection of finished
product and reuse charge / discharge.

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