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Magnetic filter separator

Magnetic filter separator

Magnetic filter separator

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Remove magnetic materials by filtering them into a strong magnetic field and by FILTER, 
a ferromagnetic material with excellent penetration It is used to completely remove trace 
amounts of weak and ferro magnetic materials (iron, STS430) in the raw material with the 
principle of concentrating magnetic forces to maximize magnetic forces. Magnetism can be 
controlled by electricity, and it can be applied automatically in the configuration of the system.

Where to use

• Cooking, high-tech materials, chemical, mining, powdered industries


It is possible to remove (ppb, ppm) a very small amount of iron metal foreign matter.
It is easy to create a de-ferrous atmosphere suitable for the properties of raw materials 
by controlling magnetic force. It is easy to manage iron by automatically removing iron powder.

– Fixed magnetic force type can be made according to device temperature
– Use PLC to configure automatic operation to suit the screening line characteristics
– Screen can be modified to match raw material properties rather than standard screens.

If you are interested in this equipment, please send your product sample to us, 
then we will return the processed sample to you to evaluate assay results. 
So, if results show improvement of your product, you may consider getting an 
EMF unit for enhancing your better quality product for the customers.

We will proceed with your sample testing with the step of an attached 
PDF file and provide you processed samples with test report and video clip.
Please kindly advise us if you would like to have a free filtering test opportunity.

Sample Test Inquiry :
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